Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I need my own plate?!

Most other food establishments give away thousands of food take-out containers each day, all of which end up in the garbage. We ask that you bring your own dish and cutlery to Community Eats lunches, because eating from reusable containers is a really simple way to start making more sustainable food choices.

When we cook Community Eats lunches, we usually don’t leave the SUB until about 11:00 at night, when almost everyone else has gone home. We’re always shocked by the number of disposable containers littering the building, and we’re glad that our project isn’t contributing to that waste. Our hope is that people who come to Community Eats lunches will make a habit of bringing a reusable food container with them even when they eat elsewhere, so that they’ll never need to use a disposable one again.

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